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Build a Family Tree from Scratch

You've always wanted to do it but just didn't know how? Now you can build your family tree, from scratch, using what is one of the neatest online methods available. Just add your data in the form below, and click... let the program sift through BILLIONS of names. Once it finds a set of matches, you can click a few buttons, and the data is added to your tree. I've seen people build a 12 generation tree in an afternoon!

I suggest you start with at least a grandparent if possible... preferably somebody born before 1930. It will make your initial chances of success that much greater.

I used this tool when it first came out. And while I've outgrown it now, I am so grateful for the ease in which I was able to build my family tree. - Jack WOW! Let me say it again... WOW! Never could I have imagined that researching my family tree could ever be this easy and quick! - Phyllis

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