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Once family historians have collected a sufficient amount of information they usually wish to begin collaborating with other researchers. Unfortunately, with all of the advantages the web brings you, having your information found by other researchers can become quite difficult. Too often, the ancestor you've been looking for, sits on another researchers computer, never to be found by those who need that piece of information.

Family Tree Guide can help you. It enables you to upload your family tree with a few steps, and presto, you have a family tree online; you can search, edit, add, delete, collaborate... all the things you want to do, but have never had the expertise to setup. Your website will instantly become a full fledged genealogy program for you.

Open your database to others, or just work on it online by yourself, almost everything about your web pages will be controlled by you!

Oh... have I mentioned... you get all of this for free!!!

Upload Your Family Tree!

OMG... this program rocks... no wait... you rock! I can't believe it's this easy to put my genealogy online! Thank you so much for offering this free tool! - Cindy I've tried other programs, online and offline, but I never found one as easy as yours to use. Keep up the good work! - Matthew

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